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Chakra Series 11 AM - Gentle


Thursday Feb 22 - April 5

7 weeks $84+tx


Instructor: Rachael MacLean




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Winter Schedule 2018

*Registration is required for all studio classes as space is limited. Drop-in classes may be available for a fee of $14 (+ hst) if space is available. Please call to confirm.


Private classes to meet your needs available morning and afternoon.


To register click here or contact Rachael at 754-8720


Kripalu Yoga is an ancient tradition of mediation in motion. Kripalu means being compassionate in Sanskrit, the language of the yoga tradition. It is a practice that revitalizes the body, calms the mind and deepens self-awareness. Kripalu Yoga teaches you to listen to your body and honor its needs.


Vinyasa or flow yoga is a dynamic practice that strengthens the body and mind. It supports and strengthens confidence, endurance and life sustaining ability on and off the mat. Some yoga experience is recommended.


Chair Yoga is a wonderful way to start a practice. In this class, yoga is accessible to all ages, levels and abilities. If you are breathing you are capable of this uplifting, enjoyable experience. You will discover the power of breath and movement connecting. As you connect to the body and what is possible for you in the moment, what is useful to you will surface and become available organically.


Men's Yoga is for men of all ages and abilities. Experience the benefits of releasing tension in the mind and body. This class offers the perfect balance of stretching and strengthening at your own pace.


Yoga for Kids/Teens is a fun class for kids/teens to explore movement and relaxation. They will benefit by developing strength, flexibility and concentration. This class encourages healthy living and self-esteem for children of all ages. A wonderful opportunity to BE yourself in a non-competitive environment.


Restorative Yoga is essential for recovery of health in body, mind and spirit. This practice honors the effectiveness of breath, flow and relaxation in supporting rehabilitation from injury, surgery or mental imbalance. This class invites you to trust the body to do exactly what it knows how to do. With observation and the willingness to allow the body to heal, recovery time quickens and our ability to move forward presents itself. For all levels and abilities.


Private Classes offer the opportunity to connect one on one through yoga. This class will be designed for YOU! A great way to explore the benefits of yoga before joining a group class. For all levels.


Chakra Series 11 AM - Gentle


Monday Feb.26 - Apr 16

*no class April 2nd

7 weeks $84+tx


Instructor: Rachael MacLean



Chakra Series

11 AM - Gentle

 6 PM - Gentle


Tuesday March 6 - April 17

7 weeks $84+tx


Instructor: Rachael MacLean



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Chakra Series 5 PM - Flow

Wednesday Feb.28 - April 11

7 weeks $84+tx


Instructor: Rachael MacLean







New Classes with Rachael - Registration Required!


Beginner Yoga ~ Monday 2pm

Chakra Series 7 weeks $84+tx

Feb 26 - April 16

*no class April 2