Create intentional space for yourself at True Nature Yoga.

Explore the benefits of yoga movement & breathwork

Relax in a natural and beautiful setting in Braeshore, Nova Scotia. We’ve created a supportive environment for healthy living and discovery while we practice in small groups which deepens the experience. You will find opportunities to listen to your body and heart and honor your own needs. 

You deserve this!

We have a number of options in Pictou for you to recharge your energy with a regular yoga practice. Our classes are for all levels of yoga and we offer modifications for every pose. You are in good hands. 


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We host in-studio and community classes. Find a class that works for you.


Join a class and connect with others in your community.

Class Descriptions

Gentle Kripalu Yoga

Kripalu Yoga is an ancient practice that revitalizes the body, calms the mind and deepens self-awareness. Kripalu Yoga teaches you to listen to your body and honor its needs, the foundation of every class offered in the studio. Each class has elements of centering, asana (yoga poses), pranayama (yogic breathing), meditation and relaxation.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra or Yogic Sleep is a powerful and easy meditation practice. Lying on your back or in any comfortable position you are guided into a deep relaxation between waking and sleeping. In this deep rest state you create an intention for yourself, observe, welcome sensations, emotions and thoughts that arise. This multi-step process is for the integration of body, mind and Spirit. It works with habitual thought patterns, relieving anxiety and anything in the way of being present. It improves awareness, sleep and reduces stress.

Flow Yoga

60 minutes of creative sequencing to strengthen, challenge and inspire your practice. This class will ground you in the moment and rejuvenate your body, mind and Spirit!

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a big invitation to let go! This workshop provides all of the support for you to relax and go deeper into your own healing process, mentally, physically and emotionally. Each pose is held for a few mintues with yoga props, bolsters, blankets, straps, cushions, blocks. Everything is provided for you, no experience required! Breathe into your body, nurture your soul, ease your mind in this 90 minute practice.

Therapeutic Yoga

Promotes well being on every level. Yoga techniques are applied to alleviate specific problems or health conditions. These practices will support healing, inform and reestablish balance and wellness. Each class is 90 minutes and includes body and breath awareness, yoga poses, somatics, relaxation and Yoga Nidra.

Gentle and Restorative Yoga

Because sometimes we need both! This 90 minute session is the perfect blend of activity and rejuvenation. Settle in with movement and breath coming together, then soften into the support of restorative postures and props to completely relax. Connected and rested! All props provided.

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is a wonderful way to start a practice. In this class, yoga is accessible to all ages, levels and abilities. This class is uplifting and relaxing! The chair provides support in standing and seated poses. This class is a great space to find greater range of motion, balance, strength and deeper breathing. Contact Pictou Recreation 902-485-4372 for ongoing classes. September-June

Yoga for Kids/Teens

Yoga for Kids/Teens is a fun class for kids/teens to explore movement and relaxation. They will benefit by developing strength, flexibility and concentration. This class encourages healthy living and self-esteem for children of all ages. A wonderful opportunity to BE yourself in a non-competitive environment.

Replenish Yoga

Replenish Yoga is an hour of nourishing yoga practices to refresh your mind, body and Spirit. This time is designed for you to destress and fill up your cup.

Rachael MacLean

I found Yoga on the verge of burning out, working too much and playing too hard was taking its toll. Chronic back pain brought me to my first Yoga class. The physical benefits were so rewarding, feeling stronger, more aware, better flexibility and relief from pain to name a few. Hooked and wanting more, I went deeper into the practice and wanted to share it! In 2009 I completed the 200hr certification in Kripalu Yoga and became a life long student of Yoga. With years of practice, study and certifications, I am certified in Seniors Yoga, Chair Yoga, Yoga for Children, Integrative Yoga Therapy, Hatha Yoga, Prana Flow Yoga and meditation. 
Yoga helped me so much it became a passion to bring it to every age group and ability. The greatest gifts have been creating a healthy relationship within, following my heart and having the courage to be true to myself. Being in the moment requires ongoing attention and letting go of who we no longer are is essential. As a recovering perfectionist and workaholic, Yoga is forever a part of life, connecting, listening and being! Seeing others step into Yoga is the most beautiful thing to witness. 

“My mat and true nature studio are my favourite safe places to show up and be myself”

Create intentional space for yourself

Here at True Nature Yoga we know you crave time for yourself and want to experience deep relaxtion. To get that, you need a peaceful place to go where you can relax.

We know you have people that need you and stuff to get done, which can make you feel guilty if you don’t help. But not giving yourself enough time leads you away from yourself and causes disconnection.

We understand because we’ve completely depleted our energy trying to be perfect and endlessly helping our family, until we found yoga, breathwork and meditation. Once we realized how much easier life was with this practice, we went to school to teach it. With over 13 years of professional yoga training, our practice has helped so many others find their balance.

Here’s how it works; 

  1. Connect with me to book your spot. 
  2. Bring a mat, cushion, blanket and water to your session
  3. Show up, be yourself and relax. 
  4. Leave with a deeper awareness of your state of mind & body.

So reach out to us and find a class that suits you best, so you can stop putting yourself off and start making time for you again.

No. You can begin a yoga practice from exactly where you are.
Breath is yoga. It is the only requirement.

Wear comfortable layers. Bring a yoga mat, small cushion, water and blanket.

There are modifications to support where you are in a safe practice.

Usually 1 hour, but different practices take longer, like Yoga Nidra which is 1.5 hrs.

Find A Class

We host in-studio and community classes. Find a class that works for you. 


$ 110 + tax
  • Gentle Yoga
  • 10 - 11 AM
  • June 10 - July 22
  • No class July 1st
Sold out


$ 110 + tax
  • Gentle Yoga
  • 2 - 3 PM
  • May 27 - July 8
  • No class July 1st


$ 120 incl. tax
  • Yoga with Brianna
  • 6:30- 7:30 PM
  • June 24 - August 5
  • No class July 1st


$ 90
  • Reiki Meditation
  • 6:30 - 7:30 PM
  • July 2 - August 6


$ 110 + tax
  • Replenish Yoga
  • 6:30 - 7:30PM
  • September 11 - October 16


$ 110 + tax
  • Gentle Yoga
  • 10- 11 AM
  • July 4 - August 15
  • No class August 8


Yoga in the Park
$ 10
  • Rise and Shine Yoga
  • 8:30 - 9:30 AM
  • June 21 - August 30
  • Caribou Picnic Grounds * Weather permitting


$ 110 + tax
  • Replenish Yoga
  • 10 - 11 AM
  • September 14 - October 19

Winter Solstice

Yoga Celebration

Book your spot at for the Solstice!

Wednesday Dec 21st 6:30-8:30pm $35

Book your spot today

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